Wir freuen uns die Organisation "TWOBILLIONEYES" mit
einem Teil unserer Weihnachts-Spende zu unterstützen! mehr
Vielen Dank an alle, die uns während diesem besonderen Anlass begleitet haben.
Es war uns eine große Freude, Sie begrüßen zu dürfen! mehr
Die neuesten Medienberichte von LOTOS und D.F.WEBER mehr
Karuna und Shiwani aus Nepal.... mehr

“LOTOS - The One and Only, The Exceptional”featured the LOTOS brand’s stunning One of One and High Jewelry masterpieces, has been published on《China Glasses Science-Technology Magazine》


LOTOS and D.F.WEBER @ "The Artistic Gold” Novelties Exhibition 2018
and the PUYI Haute Event has been published on the latest "Apex Manual"


LOTOS & D.F.WEBER “The Artistic Gold” Novelties Exhibition 2018Following the successful launch in Hong Kong, LOTOS is holding its highlighted novelties exhibition of the year.“The Artistic Gold” on 4th – 7th March 2018 at LOTOS Boutique in Shanghai IFC to unveil the LOTOS latestOne of One novelty Fancy Dynasty in China.


LOTOS Shining in the 37th Hong Kong Film Awards Presentation Ceremony!

Eine der wichtigsten Nächte für die Hongkonger Filmindustrie
die 37. Hong Kong Film Awards Presentation Zeremonie, 
fand am 15. April 2018 im Hong Kong Cultural Center statt.
Die großartigen  Gewinner, Frau Stephy Tang und Herr Philip Keung, 
wurden mit jeweils einer LOTOS Dynasty 18Kt Rose Gold Brille (LA-17D007R)
 und einer LOTOS Dynasty II Platin Brillen (LA-17PT888) ausgezeichnet:

Präsentiert durch "Puyi Optical" -unser LOTOS Partner in Asien.


The annually held MIDO Eyewear Show this year has ended with a perfect closure, we were honored to have the attendance of our dealers and friends in this annual event.The launch of the latest LOTOS One of One Limited Edition and High Jewelry masterpieces was a huge success, we want to thank all of you for making this possible!

An art jewelry pieces that showcases the amazing craftsmanship of the artisans, unveiling brilliant miniature gemstone rainbow and gingerly set in a unique style to dance and sparkle under the spotlight.LOTOS proudly presents its latest masterpiece - Fancy Dynasty, as the new creation of LOTOS One of One Limited Edition, the one and only piece in the world! Brilliance cut precious gemstones meticulously set on the typical imperial round frame, expressing a special touch of glamour and let you shine “all round” under the light. mehr
PUYI HAUTE Gold & Jewelry Eyewear ExhibitionPuyi Optical proudly presents the “Puyi Haute” Gold & Jewellery Eyewear Exhibition at its flagship boutique at Tsim Sha Tsui 1881 and Central Building, showcasing the artistic beauty of premiumeyewear and revealing true works of art right in front of your eyes. Join us as we revealing the latest One of One Limited Edition and High Jewelry masterpieces by LOTOS. mehr

Striking, sophisticated, extraordinary; LOTOS’s One of One Collection is magnificent.LOTOS proudly presents its latest masterpiece - Solitaire Galaxy, as the new creation of LOTOS One of One Limited Edition, the one and only piece in the world! Adding another intriguing phenomenon into its new creation, LOTOS takes inspiration from galaxy for an eyewear that combines sparkling yellow diamond and black diamond in an impressively gorgeous design, capturing a "Rising Comet" in the "Night Sky" on his journey through the space passing the earth. Solitaire Galaxy, the name speaks for itself, is a magnificent illustration of the starry sky

Explore the Cover Story featured with the magnificent LOTOS’s One of One Limited Edition and the unrivalled gem-setting technique by LOTOS. LOTOS One of One Collection - A World of Wonders, The Timeless Treasure !  mehr